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2015 Hair Color Trends Guide(2)

      These are the hottest hair color trends of 2015, so get your Pinterest finger ready! The Halloween will come!So choose the colorful hair to make you be the shining star! Today 15% Off! Click it! NO.1:grey hair!  The most fashionable hair color of 2015. When mentioned this topic, what is the first color word come into your minds? Red? Or purple? Maybe. But I believe Gray must be one on the list. Like a big storm, gray is sweeping around the fashion world. No matter on the fashion shows or in hair salons, your eyes will easily attracted by this color. Plus some fabulous fashion elements, such as different shade, silver or dark gray, and different color effects, ombre or pastel, gray is no doubt becoming the hottest hair color you cannot miss this summer. As brave as you of trying new hair colors, let’s follow this gray hair storm together. No.2 :Ombre hair!        May this hair can be a lot of girls like!wow, how about make a little change ...

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How To Dye Hair With Indigo

1.As indigo may stain nearly anything, such as your skin and your clothes, you should wear a pair of gloves first, and remember to put plenty of newspaper, drop cloth or even tarp on your floor. And you should wear your old clothes while doing this to decrease the damage. View post

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