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  • Length
    1. 16 Inch
    2. 18 Inch
    3. 20 Inch
    4. 22 Inch
    5. 24 Inch
  • Hair Type
    1. Remy Tape Hair
    2. Super Tape Hair
  • Texture
    1. Body Wavy
    2. Straight
  • Color
    1. #1 Jet Black

      #1 Jet Black

    2. #1B Natural Black

      #1B Natural Black

    3. #2 Darkest Brown

      #2 Darkest Brown

    4. #24 Light Golden Blonde

      #24 Light Golden Blonde

    5. #27 Strawberry Blonde

      #27 Strawberry Blonde

    6. #4 Chocolate Brown

      #4 Chocolate Brown

    7. #60 White Blonde

      #60 White Blonde

    8. #613 Lightest Blonde

      #613 Lightest Blonde

    9. #8 Light Brown

      #8 Light Brown

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    Tape In

    Items 1 to 24 of 134 total

    Tape In
    Tape In Hair Extensions are made out of 100% real human hair. They are cheap & quality at our store here. Tape in Hair Extensions are also known as the skin weft hair extensions because they are invisible without seams and lay flat to match your scalp. The style is a great fix for a special event that can be worn taking only minutes. If you needn’t them, they also can be easily removed with any hair glue remover with acetone base. They look natural without any noticeable bumps. It is easy to apply them close to your scalp with hair glue, the perfect solution for adding length or fullness. And it won’t damage your own hair. I believe you're going to love this seamless look. In this New Year, we offer discounts on purchasing the pre taped hair extensions at our store.
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