Virgin Peruvian Remy Hair is cut from the donor in Peruvia,the cuticle remains intact.The hair grade is 5A and they are in the best quality with no shedding or tangles,they all hand-picked & aligned to follow the same direction,a little coarser but thicker.For these virgin Peruvian remy hair,we supply 10 inch to 30 inch natural black,and textures like straight, body wavy, deep curly, loose wavy,natural wavy and deep wavy are all optional.For you guys who want to possess a head of natural,full and exclusive beautiful but not very expensive hair and do not want to have the clips or glue in your own hair, it is rather a good choice!
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    Virgin Peruvian Remy Hair

    6 Item(s)

    Virgin Peruvian Remy Hair